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Electrical Safety-19, Instructed

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The Swedish instructions regarding heavy current applies for the maintenance of electrical installation and electrical devices regardless of when they were put into operation. The purpose of this course in electrical safety is to clarify these instructions and to help all personnel who will work inside or adjacent to an electrical installation work safely.

Web course Electrical Safety -19, Instructed is for you who will be performing non-electrical work in or adjacent to an electrical installation. Examples includes painting, cleaning, or casting base slabs in power line corridors.

The web course is completely computer based, and done at your own pace, but is estimated to take about four hours to get through.

Course content excerpts:

  • The electrical hazard
  • Risk management
  • Safe communication
  • Planning and performance of work

Du som vill köpa kursen åt en annan deltagare än dig själv eller fler än en deltagare klickar på Gruppköp-knappen.

Aim and goal
When you have completed the course, you will have knowledge of the hazards associated with the work and the workplace and how to prevent accidents.

Target group
The course Electrical Safety-19, Instructed is aimed at anyone only performing non-electrical work in or adjacent to an electrical installation. Work can for example include painting, cleaning, casting base slabs in power line corridors et cetera.

After the course, you will do a web-based final test and then you get access to your certificate to print or save on your computer.

Extended information
We recommend that you perform the course using a fixed internet connection.


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